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  • Investing in Asia credit for yield and growth

    Geoffrey Lunt, Senior Product Specialist, discusses the reasons as to why the Asia credit market should be part of any investors’ strategic allocation.
    04 September 2020, 1 minutes
  • The compelling case for Asia high yield bonds

    Geoffrey Lunt, Senior Product Specialist, talks about the growth of the Asia high yield bond market and the attractive characteristics of the asset class.
    04 September 2020, 1 minutes
  • China Bonds: A mainstream allocation for global investors

    The growth of the China bond market has been phenomenal over the past 20 years, and is now the second largest bond market in the world. Geoffrey Lunt, Senior Product Specialist, discusses more in this podcast.
    04 September 2020, 1 minutes
  • India fixed income: Attractive yields with diversification benefits

    India’s fixed income market offers access to the high yielding bonds of one of the world’s most dynamic and high potential economies. Geoffrey Lunt, Senior Product Specialist, discusses more in this podcast.
    04 September 2020, 2 minutes
  • ESG resilience in an uncertain world

    The crisis has revealed significant fragilities at the heart of our socioeconomic system. But, we can improve the economy’s robustness by de-emphasising efficiency, in favour of system resiliency. Joe Little, our Global Chief Strategist discusses ESG resilience in an uncertain world.
    14 July 2020, 2 minutes
  • Asia Mid-Year Investment Outlook 2020

    Bill Maldonado, CIO, APAC, discusses the key drivers of markets in 1H20 and shares his views on the market outlook for the rest of the year.
    10 June 2020, 3 minutes
  • Inside View Episode 2: Opportunities for Insurers in Emerging Markets Debt

    The Covid crisis has thrown the existing balance in relative attractiveness of asset classes up in the air and created new opportunities for investors. Our Global Head of Insurance Segment, Andries Hoekema, explains.
    26 May 2020, 2 minutes
  • Inside View Episode 1: Strong Markets, Weak Macro by Joe Little

    Economic data remains unprecedentedly weak, but stock markets have rallied strongly. Our Global Chief Strategist Joe Little explains.
    14 May 2020, 2 minutes
  • Video: Asia high dividend strategy

    The video explains the attractive characteristics of our Asia high dividend strategy and the investment process we undertake to build its portfolio.
    22 April 2020, 4 minutes
  • Insurance investing in a low forever world

    Implications for insurance investing in a low-forever environment
    09 January 2020, 4 minutes
  • India - A consumption story redefined by millennials

    Located in South Asia and home to a population of 1.3 billion people, India is the second most populated nation in the world, following closely behind China. But unlike China, India is young, with almost half of its people below the age of 25.
    24 September 2018, 2 minutes
  • Responsible Investing

    A careful consideration of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues plays a key and integral part in how we connect the developed and developing worlds to unlock sustainable investment opportunities for our clients. Watch this video to learn why we take our stewardship responsibilities seriously and focus on leading by example.
    19 September 2018, 2 minutes